About Us

Sovereign Cruises LLC was formed for the intention of offering the ultimate cruise experience to customers with large group or convention at sea needs. Sovereign Cruises provides the highest level of expertise, attention to detail, and cutting edge marketing to our clients. When compared to our competitors, Sovereign Cruises quite simply provides the most comprehensive meeting and event planning at sea.

Why choose Sovereign Cruises?

1. Sovereign Cruises is the most experienced and creative meeting / convention planner at sea.

2. Our Marketing abilities and know-how far surpasses the abilities of our competitors.

3. Sovereign Cruises understands the differing needs and desires of Christian Groups, Large Corporate or Sales Incentive Groups, and Civic or Trade Organizations.

4. Sovereign Cruises has solid and long standing relationships with all of the major cruise lines. Because of our large operating volume, Sovereign Cruises can arrange special events and group shore excursions that other cruise providers simply can't match.

5. Sovereign Cruises will personally and expertly create web pages and booking engines specifically for your group or organization.

6. The staff of Sovereign Cruises are experts in guiding and advising our clients on how to best achieve their maximum potential in fundraising and asset control.