Christian pilgrimages & Historic Land tours

As our purpose statement reveals, Sovereign Cruises LLC is dedicated to the interests of our ministry partners as they seek to proclaim the Gospel and edify the saints on the high seas.

Our unique tours encourage you to discover your Christian heritage through the heroes of our faith. Learn how these brave men and women changed our world—many by sacrificing everything for the cause of the gospel.

Christian pilgrimages


Israel is the land where the Bible, faith and history are joined together - where prophecy and the promises of God have been and continue to be fulfilled in the present day. Here the ancient stones themselves cry out with the good news of the Biblical message.

As one of the leading travel agencies which caters to the evangelical Christian community, Sovereign has served some of the largest Christian ministries, churches, Bible schools and seminaries around the world.
Our ultimate goal is for Christian believers to grow in their Biblical faith and renew and expand their hunger for the Word of God. We want you to leave Israel with more than just souvenirs from another trip; we want you to leave having received the spiritual gift of a deeper understanding of God's Word and how His plan has, and continues to, unfold in history.

Protestant Reformation Cruises and Tours

Walk in the steps of Martin Luther, John Calvin, Jan Huss and others as you explore the great lands of the Protestant Reformation. Your faith will be nourished as you tour Wittenberg, Geneva, Heidelberg and other famous cities that were central to the re-discovery of exegetical theology.
Your reformation tour can be greatly enhanced by the luxury and convenience of combining your journey with a cruise aboard one of Avalon Waterway's magnificent river vessels. Spacious cabins (many with balconies), gourmet dining, and the ability to only have to unpack once is luxury that your group will greatly appreciate. You'll sail directly into the center of Basel, Heidelberg, Strasbourg, Amsterdam, Cologne, Worms and other cities as you glide smoothly on the Rhine.

Journeys of Paul Cruises and Tours

Set sail and retrace the steps of the Apostle Paul as he preached and taught churches throughout the western Mediterranean. Sail on luxurious ships to ports such as Rome, Athens, Instanbul, Alexandria, Izmir, Ephesus and others as you visit the lands that were the cradle of the first churches of the Ante Nicene Fathers.

Legendary Sovereign Service and Event Coordination

Regardless of what journey you may choose, you will be afforded the marketing, talent, organizational and logistics abilities of the leader in Christian events and productions, Sovereign. Sovereign will assist in transforming your travel event from a "trip" into truly emotive, spiritual experience.


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