Patriotic cruises

As our purpose statement reveals, Sovereign Cruises LLC is dedicated to the interests of our ministry partners as they seek to proclaim the Gospel and edify the saints on the high seas. Our talented and gracious team can make every cruise event a memorable occasion with imaginative marketing, outstanding pre-cruise service, production and logistic solutions, and legendary on board group coordination.

Sovereign Cruises' proven ability to drive record-breaking attendance and maximize returns to attendees, sponsors and planners alike that keep our clients returning year after year. Sovereign Cruises views every ministry convention as an opportunity to provide unique staging solutions and event management that not only achieves, but exceeds your organizations' goals and objectives. Whether you are focused on Biblical exposition, apologetics, ministry team building or worship, Sovereign Cruises' unparalleled professional development and creative resources will help you produce dynamic meetings and imaginative special events.

Our purpose in business and in ministry is:

1. To give glory to our sovereign Lord and Creator in all that we do, act, and say in our daily activities.

2. To seek the greatest benefit and value for our clients and their events

3. To offer professional and courteous escorting of larger groups and groups that have needs.

4. To strive to be on the cutting edge of technological and creative advances

5. To advise our clients truthfully and objectively.

Signature Production and Thematic Development:

Collaborate with Sovereign Production's creative team to produce signature entertainment and custom events designed exclusively for your group. For more information on our specialization in experiential marketing, please click here.


  • Alaska
  • Bahamas
  • British Isles
  • Caribbean
  • Greek Isles
  • Hawaii
  • Holy Land
  • mexican Riviera
  • Panama Canal
  • Rhine River