At Sovereign Cruises LLC, we believe meeting, event and incentive travel programs are key to your overall business or ministry strategy.

That's why we work with you to design comprehensive plans for conventions, travel events, conferences, expositions, meetings and travel awards that contribute to your company's overall business goals. This creates impact that lasts far beyond any single event. From chartered event cruises to concerts, employee events to user conferences, our award-winning team of event and marketing professionals makes your brand a living, memorable experience.

We help organizations build relationships with their customers, employees and business influencers through live events. These experiences are unparalleled in the industry for their delivery on business objectives. It's because of our comprehensive plans, which include better intelligence at the start, flawless execution in the middle, and final delivery of strategic insights. Please let us know how we can serve you...

Our Approach

In today's world, it's no longer enough to deliver a spectacular experience; you need to know if the experience really worked. Did you speak to the right audience? Did they hear the message you delivered? Did they take action afterwards? Our proven approach ensures that you deliver on your business and ministry objectives, and that your event delivers the results you expect.


•Define: Collaborate to determine project objectives and identify target audience.
•Discover: Research your market and establish dialogue with your audience.
•Analyze: Interpret research data and apply insights to understand how your audience should be engaged.
•Create: Devise a solution that brings your brand to life and supports your objectives.
•Produce: Create an innovative production using thematic, musical, and sensory elements.
•Manage: Control the event pre-registration and registration process from start to finish.


•Execute: Integrate multi-dimensional touch points to create an immersive experience.
•Adapt: Evolve and adapt according to production factors.
•Control: Manage and command every event factor from registration, production, and VIP enhancements.


•Evaluate: Measure and assess results.
•Adapt: Apply lessons learned and best practices to the next project. Our core services are more comprehensive than those of any other in the experiential marketing industry. Additionally, we're able to provide even closer integration of your marketing efforts with access to partners like Zebedee Productions, Bill Brown music and experts from our other Sovereign marketing services teams.

Discuss: Every good relationship begins in the same simple way: with a conversation. At Sovereign, we believe that every successful project is rooted in having the right conversations with the right people, to truly understand the challenge our clients are facing from the beginning.

Assess: As a world leader in market research, we are committed to gathering, measuring, analyzing and interpreting actionable information to drive decision-making.

Advise: Combining a true understanding of our clients' business problems with deep, specific expertise, we deliver fresh thinking and new ideas to solve the toughest challenges.

Design: Because successful engagements are always the result of careful planning, we design and agree with our clients on a clear blueprint to guide all our work.

Optimize: We work hard to ensure that the right conditions are in place at client organizations before executing on our plan. That means making sure the right processes, technologies and teams are in place from the outset.

Implement: We are recognized experts at guiding even the most complex plans through to their successful conclusion.

Evaluate effectiveness: Measurement is as important to us as it is to our clients. We measure the results of every engagement in a way that is useful to our clients, and that fits with their own internal business metrics standards.

Experiential Marketing

In today's multi-channel world of electronic communication, nothing beats a live event experience for making a lasting impression — and delivering results. If you do them right, meetings and events might just provide you with your most effective ROI. We help companies like yours build relationships with customers, employees and business influencers through live event experiences that are unparalleled in the industry for their delivery on business objectives. From better intelligence on the front end, through flawless execution in the middle to final delivery of strategic insights on the back end, expect results.

We have deep expertise in three key industry segments: apparel, ministerial, telecommunications and financial services. But we partner with companies from almost any industry that puts value in building relationships through live experiences. What we do continues to grow to meet the changing needs of consumers and our clients, but for now the short list can be boiled down to the following:

Sovereign Intelligence

Wide-ranging research and in-depth analysis deliver insights on your brand, the marketplace, the competitive landscape, and your target audience.

Portfolio Optimization

Analysis of your portfolio of events points to recommendations for rebalancing and ongoing management.

Audience Management

Identification, segmentation, predictive modeling and contact strategies ensure the right audience is at your event.

Sponsorship Optimization

Assessment of the right sponsorship opportunities and your existing portfolio creates an activation plan optimizing your sponsorship investment. Our networking initiatives allow long-term business solutions.

Experience Design and Production

The fusion of strategy, creativity, event management, production and staging activates the right concept, content and journey for your audience.

Sovereign Quantification

A measurement plan recommends strategies for understanding and improving the impact of your events relative to objectives.

Follow-up Planning

Follow-up planning and post-event activities help generate momentum, accelerate the sales cycle, and strengthen your relationship with attendees. We can also provide even deeper integration of your marketing efforts, with experts from other Sovereign marketing services teams. If you need to transform employees into agents of change, turn business partners into allies or convert customers into brand advocates, we'd like to hear from you.

Please let us know how we can serve you…